Information about this website

Why I created this website?

 At first of all in order to fill a gap of missing data of Industial Resources on most (if not all) websites collecting game stats.
Here you can check your activity in the clan in terms of aquired resources, and compare your results with other clan members.

  It is excelent tool for all active clan members and clan commanders who can easily check the progress of clan members in resources gaining.
  You can now save time of tedious checking the amount of "blocks" in the game client, or on the pages with inaccurate data. Readable tables and graphs, which you can find here will make your life much easier :)
  Each clan who had 60 or more clan members, is already in database. Stats are updated daily between 6 and 9 am. If your clan does not have 60 players by entering a name into a search engine, it will be added to the database and from that day statistics will be collected.
Stronghold statistic